Gold Art Glass

 Bruno Fellerman

   Maui, Hawaii 

Bruno Fellerman

    I was raised in a glass family. 

My father, mother, and siblings all had some part in the family glass studio.  (Fellerman Glass) '71-05'

     I spent many years pursuing the craft and living in the warm tradition of Glass blowing. 

I had always been fascinated by the power of beautiful art. its effect on peoples minds and emotions were living exaples of everyday magic.

I could stare deeply into the translucent refractions of a piece and be overwhelmed by the distortion of light and color and its transformation of perception.

Glimpsing into hearts and edges of art,

compelled me to seek the unexpected and hidden gems that play in the light of glass. I spend the majority of my time working with glass and learning from it

I am grateful to be part of Maui and its spirit of Freedom and Aloha

Available work and commissions

I do have sculptures available

as well as a body of design work for both unique pieces and Architectural /decor

These are brought to fruition by interested patrons.

 I no longer do any traditional glass pieces.

 I am focused solely on my vision through glass and sharing it.